OVO Livechat: The New Feature in OVO App as A Solution to Give Better User Experience

Rizky Agus Harnanto
10 min readNov 28, 2021



Product team wants to know how users’ act and their behavior, pain points, unfulfilled elements, expectations and perceptions, and behavioral comparison on other competitors’ apps regarding Bill Payments feature on OVO to improve its service in Indonesia. Bill payment features include: electricity & water bills, phone credits, game vouchers, investment, credit instalment, internet & TV providers, insurance, BPJS, education, donation, streaming, tax and retribution.


We would like to understand users’ while using bill payment features. So, we have carried out the research objectives based on:

  • Segmentations,
  • Pain points,
  • Expectations,
  • Perception,
  • Behavior, and
  • Behavioral comparison on competitor’s product


Qualitative: in-depth Interview. This is a qualitative research method to explore deeply on respondents point of view, experiences, feelings, and perspectives.

Sample Criteria

  • Active OVO users who have done more than 3 bill payment transactions in the last 3 months
  • Scale: Indonesia (nationwide)
  • Gender groups: Male & female
  • Age groups: Young Adult (18–26) & Adult (27–40) years old.

Data Collection

  • Execution date: November 14–20, 2021
  • Gained 5 relevant respondents who use OVO and other e-wallets on a daily basis
  • Data was collected through in-depth interviews.

Sample Criteria

We’ve found fivepeoples voluntarily has be respondents who:

  • Active OVO users who have done more than 3 bill payment transactions in the last 3 months
  • Male & female
  • Young Adult, 21, 23, and 25 years old. Adult, 27 and 30 years old.

Data Collection

Data was collected through in-depth interviews in period November 14–20, 2021. We’ve Gained 5 relevant respondents who use OVO and other e-wallets on a daily basis.

Reasons Why People Use e-Wallets

Here are what our respondents think generally about e-wallets and cashless transactions:

  • Ease all kinds of payments. Thanks to technology, users can make many kinds of payments through e-wallets quickly and efficiently, making users to save time and energy.
  • Convenient, can do transactions anytime and anywhere. Users do not need to go out of their houses to make payments and they can do it anytime they want to.
  • Have a lot of promos and discounts. E-wallets often offer a lot of discounts and cashbacks to users who use their service to make payments, making them more eager to use e-wallets.

There are lots of e-wallets, so why do they use OVO in particular?

  • Easy to Use. What our respondents mean when they say OVO is easy to use is that when age groups of young adult and adult can understand how to use the app by great tutorials and interface, processes are snappy, and very convenient to use, only a few phone taps ahead.
  • Good User Interface (UI). What our respondents mean when they say OVO has good interface is that when users could immediately understand what each icons represents with minimum indications, user journeys are simple and payments can be done in just a few touches.
  • OVO has a lot of payment features, including phone credit, internet plans, tax, electricity and water bill, all-in-one app. Our respondents do not want the hassle to pay different bills on different apps, which is why they stick to OVO for online bill payments.
  • Widespread Throughout Indonesia. Most of our respondents say that there are a lot of merchants and vendors who use OVO as one of their online payment system. This is one of the catalysts why users have an OVO account. They want the ease of payment with OVO on multiple and various merchants and vendors.
  • Promotions and Discounts. OVO has a lot of promotions, discounts, and cashbacks going on everyday which motivates users to use OVO as they pay their bills at a discounted price or they will get their cashbacks respectively.

Positive Impacts from What Users Say

High Customer Satisfaction Leads to More Publication

As the current OVO has good UI (easy to understand and remember the icons and functions), users will have a good experience on using the app, thus more publication by satisfied users.

Less Likely to Lose Users

If OVO can maintain their good features and aspects, and cater to user needs, most likely they can prevent their users from switching to other e-wallets because their needs are already fulfilled in OVO.

More Users to Gain

As OVO partners with a lot of vendors and merchants, more users would feel likely to use/switch to OVO as it can be used almost anywhere and everywhere.

OVO is The Most Used E-Wallet in Indonesia

In September 2021, Kadence International Indonesia publish Research “Digital Payment and Financial Services Usage and Behavior in Indonesia” revealed that in terms of brand awareness, OVO managed to hit the hearts of 96 percent of respondents with 71 percent of whom were active users for at least the past month.

This survey, which examines the behavior patterns of active users of digital payments, reveals that OVO is the brand they use the most with a score of 31 percent, and is widely used for transactions, both online and offline.

Another Kadence International Indonesia survey finding related to the use of digital payments for online transactions is online food ordering transactions, where 8 out of 10 respondents use OVO for these transactions.

Source: https://kadence.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Kadence-Digital-Payment-and-Financial-Services-Usage-and-Behavior-in-I....pdf.

After the Various Advantages Above, OVO has some drawbacks..

  • When users have problems about processes of online payment, they must submit complaints or inquiries through other media outside OVO app, such as email and social media (Twitter).
  • OVO as a business is not stable because it is not a superapp, unlike the competitors, ex: GoPay or ShopeePay.
  • Always Dependent on Internet Connection. OVO as a business is not stable because it is not a superapp, unlike the competitors, ex: GoPay or ShopeePay.
  • OVO only has BCA OneKlik for their instant top up method, resulting in difficulties in topping up quickly.

Negative Impacts from What Users Say

Bad Features Lead to Loss of Income. If OVO does not fix their problems in their features, such as problems when buying internet plans, users will less likely to use that feature, meaning loss of one of the income windows.

Unsatisfied Users Lead to Loss of Users. If OVO stops integrating and partnering itself with external vendors and merchants, users will slowly leave OVO as it will be able to be used on limited vendors and merchants.

BIG Question Moment..

Respondents say they use GoPay and ShopeePay because they are integrated with transportation service and online shopping/e-commerce. But, OVO is also integrated with Grab for transportation service and Tokopedia for online shopping/e-commerce. So why people still opt for non-OVO?


Create “Livechat” Feature in OVO App

OVO already have feature Help Centre and OVO Guide. But, Livechat is important to make it easier for users to apply complaints, insights, questions, and and ask for help in real time with Customer Care.

Add Other Bank Vendors for Instant Top Up

OVO might have to establish partnership with more bank vendors, not just BCA, so they can add more methods for instant top up. Impacts that can be seen from this are happy users and faster top up processes.

Add Feature to Buy Gold

One of our respondents showed interest in buying gold through the OVO app using OVO balance. This feature could be added in the future for customer satisfaction.

Pop Up Notification about Signal Status

Notify users through Pop Up Notification about signal condition or status (strong or weak) when they are processing online payment. When a user’s device is in weak signal, the user is not allowed to continue the payment process. User is recommended to check the signal condition and can only continue the payment process when the signal status is strong.

Persuade Various Bank to Build Feature Like BCA One Click

To build satisfaction of our users, we try to persuade various Banks to have a feature like BCA OneClick, we are not persuading or asking directly but by delivering our data which shows that our users tend to be satisfied with Bank feature like BCA OneClick and with it, the transactions through banks could increase.

Usability Testing Report

OVO Livechat as The New Feature in OVO App


Mentioning the research report that we have made in November 2021, we have found that when users have problems with processes they must submit complaints or inquiries through other media outside OVO apps, such as call center, email, and social media (Twitter).

OVO already has Help Centre and OVO Guide feature, but we want to make users be able to interact with ‘humans’ instantly and easily that they have questions or problems they can’t solve. Therefore, OVO Livechat is an important feature to make it easier for users to apply complaints, insights, questions, and ask for help in real-time with a live agent.


Qualitative reserach: In-depth Interview — Usability Testing (UT)

A qualitative research method; to explore deeply respondents’ points of view, experiences, feelings, and perspectives.

Purpose of Usability Testing (UT): knowing whether the design is made according to user expectations and performing evaluation.

Sample Criteria


Data Collection

  • Execution date: February 1–3, 2022.
  • Gained 5 relevant respondents who use OVO and other e-wallets on a daily basis.
  • Data was collected through Usability Testing and in-depth interviews both offline and online.

Usability Testing

Research Tool

The design and the prototype were made using Figma. Usability Testing also uses Figma.

To see the prototype of the OVO Livechat feature in the OVO application, you can try here: https://bit.ly/3unFpf0



“Bayangkan kamu adalah pengguna OVO dan ingin mengajukan pertanyaan atau complain ketika menemukan trouble pada saat menggunakan aplikasi OVO. Silakan gunakan fitur OVO Livechat hingga permasalahan dapat terselesaikan.”


  • Mengakses fitur OVO Livechat melalui menu Profile
  • Mengirim pesan berupa pengajuan pertanyaan atau complain kepada live agent di fitur OVO Livechat
  • Menyelesaikan pengajuan dan pertanyaan
  • Mengirim Feedback

Benchmark list:

  • User berhasil mengirim pesan pengajuan pertanyaan atau complain kepada Live Agent
  • User Dapat Menggunakan semua fitur di OVO Livechat
  • User dapat mengirim Feedback di OVO Livechat.

Discussion Guide

Menurutmu seberapa bergunakah fitur ini? Mengapa?

Dari 1–10 (1 untuk sangat sulit dan 10 untuk sangat mudah) Seberapa mudah fitur ini digunakan? Berikan alasan kamu memberikan skor tersebut

Dari segi desain, bagaimana tampilan OVO Livechat ini?

Menurutmu, apa saja apa kelebihan dan kekurangan fitur OVO Livechat ini?

Berikan feedback atau masukan untuk mengimprove fitur OVO Livechat ini

Here’s What I’ve Found..

All respondents said that OVO Livechat Feature is Useful

OVO Livechat will help users to solve problems they encounter in the OVO application.

“ OVO Livechat will be useful, because when the user finds there is a problem, the user wants the problem to be solved immediately.” — Essa

“It will be very helpful because it’s 24 hours. It’s different from a complaint on Twitter or an e-mail that doesn’t know when it will be replied (not real-time).” — Elysa

Overall Evaluation

Ease of Learning

Based on the results of Usability Testing that have carried out with five respondents, They can be understood and complete tasks in an average of three minutes. From 1–10 points (1 point for very difficult and 10 points for very easy), respondents gave a score in the range of 8 up to 10.

Average Score: 8.4 / 10


3 of 5 respondents said that the OVO Livechat design is still standard and plain.

Note: Font is too stiff and bold, Livechat background is too plain.

But There are Some Drawbacks of OVO Livechat

New Feature Feedback

What We can Improve?

Based on recommendations from respondents, there are some important points that should be improved in the OVO Livechat as the new feature in OVO App.